Pune Techies take Measures to Procure Personal Protection Equipment

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In order to bridge the supply-demand gaps between the chain of crucial medical equipment procurement, a team of volunteers have launched a non-profit online platform to connect seekers with validated suppliers from across India and the world.

A Pune-based social start-up, ‘Assemble Now’ is offering this free service to facilitate the procurement of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and other protective gears for healthcare service providers.

Recently, around 63,000 PPEs imported from China failed the quality test, thereby pushing the government on the back foot, posing a threat for our frontline healthcare workers.

“This news came at the beginning of April and we started to think about ways to address this challenge. I really felt that there should be a way to help our frontline healthcare workers who are at the most risk while diagnosing and treating infected patients” said Abhishekh Purohit, founder of the e-platform AssembleNow.org.


The platform serves as a go-to place for sourcing medical equipment like PPE, testing kits and other gears for medical workers. A team of volunteers with relevant expertise are rigorously validating applications of suppliers to ensure a fast, efficient and transparent supply chain.


Abhishekh says, “The world is facing a shortage of critical medical equipment and India is no exception”

He believes that the lack of production is not the only challenge- the procurement process and supply chain inefficiencies are also causing delay and unavailability of essential supplies.

“The platform is built with an aim to solve these challenges. We are reaching out to medical equipment buyers and suppliers to place their requests by filling out a simple form on our website. We will validate and connect them to ensure availability of equipment at all times. We will work on the platform till enough suppliers are vetted and connected to buyers to fill these gaps.” Abhishekh said.

The platform is also inviting makers to submit their innovative solutions which can be implemented to solve challenges caused by COVID-19. They will be connected to relevant stakeholders in the government who will help them in all possible ways to implement their solutions.”

Besides, the team from Assemble Now is also approaching NGOs to seek their support to spread awareness in their regions, volunteer and help in fundraising.

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