Pune: Showcasing Entrepreneurial DNA | COEP MindSpark Tech Expo

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COEP Mindspark’ 17 provides a platform for start-ups, both old and new, to showcase their innovative ideas and interact with a vast audience, including students and faculties, gathering from across the nation. 

MindSpark, is the national level annual technical festival of College of Engineering, Pune (COEP). Eleven years ago, a spark was ignited among a group of bright engineers and since then, this spark has grown manifold, continuing to ignite minds across the country. MindSpark is now one of the biggest technical festivals in India, providing a platform for young engineers to think, innovate and showcase their talents.

Throughout its previous editions, MindSpark has strived to foster the growth of technology, and ensure that innovative ideas see the light of reality. With this year’s edition, MindSpark sets on an endeavour to sync human needs and engineering. It hopes to bridge the rural-urban divide, and ultimately engineer an ideal civilisation, which is a culmination of technology, values, culture, and emotion.


The theme of this edition is Towards Techno-Utopia, which aims to promote the application of research and technology in order to strive towards an ideal society.

In this edition, students have brought together a pilot edition of the Technical Exhibition as a platform for budding entrepreneurs and inventors to present their contributions to the society. This will be an opportunity for start-ups to present their ideas to take the world a step closer to Techno-Utopia.

The Technical Exhibition will be held on September 23, 2017. Start-ups will be allotted a stall at the exhibition to promote their products. Some of the start-ups who will be putting up their stalls include Robolab Technologies, Green Drive India, Letoile Systems and Phantom 3D Works. 

There will also be a panel discussion of industry experts such as  Prashant Pansare (Inteliment Technologies), Prafulla Thote (Samudra Electronic System Pvt Ltd), Ved Muthal (Peppercorn Labs), Siddhartha Gupta (Oracle Cloud Accelerators), moderated by Keerthi Kadam (Editor, Director of Pune Open Coffee Club -POCC). 

The discussions will cover themes like:

  • What attracts engineers  towards start-ups
  • Homegrown start-ups vs. global start-ups
  • Problems and challenges faced by start-ups
  • What investors look for in a start-up

Do drop by to check out these interesting set of start-ups, attend the panel discussion and grab the opportunity to interact with them!

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