Pune: Sanitation Worker Sings Songs for Cleanliness Campaign!

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A sanitation worker in Pune is giving locals a whole new outlook towards cleanliness in the city. Mahadev Jadhav, who has been working with the Pune Municipal Corporation for the past 25 years now, has been recreating his own version of old Bollywood songs. His smart twist on the lyrics conveys messages about waste segregation, waste disposal and overall cleanliness in the city.

News agency ANI posted a video of him singing, which has since gone viral across the country, and for good reason! Following the appreciation Jadhav has received, PMC has also proposed to make him the face of Pune’s Swachh Campaign for 2020 and is hoping for an approval from top officials.

Jadhav, who works in the Waste Management section of PMC, has had a love for singing and poetry for a long time now. On the job while sweeping the streets, he has seen many people dump garbage while on walks, and took to singing about waste management to create awareness on the subject.

Not only does he sing while on the job, Jadhav and some of his colleagues also visit residential complexes, schools and colleges to perform skits on waste management.


Some of his wonderful lyrics include a twist of the song ‘Kajra Mohabbatwala’. He sings, “Kachra sukha aur geela, sabne mila kar dala, kachre ne leli sabki jaan, gaur se suniye meherebaan”

Feature image: Screen grab of ANI video

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