Pune Rickshaw Driver Returns Bag Containing 7 Lac to Rightful Owners

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Pune: 60-year-old Vitthal Mapare’s honesty during these tough times yet again proves that there’s plenty of good in the world.

Recently this week, a couple traveled in his rickshaw from Keshav Nagar to Hadapsar. After the ride, Mapare stopped at BT Kawade Road to have some tea and noticed a bag left behind on the seat.

Without opening the bag, he took it to a police station in Ghorpadi and handed it over to the authorities. The police found gold and cash worth Rs. 7 Lac in the bag and and got in touch with the Hadapsar police station, as the passengers had alighted in the area.

The couple had already contacted the Hadapsar cops about the missing bag, which was subsequently returned to them.


Mapare, who has been driving a rickshaw for many years now, was felicitated by the Deputy Commissioner of Police for his noble deed. The former considers this as the greatest reward of his lifetime.

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Feature image by Rhema Kallianpur

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