Pune Records Significant Dip in Air Pollution during Lockdown

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Punekars, it’s not all bad, you know? Here’s some great news- Pune, along with 89 other Indian cities, has recorded a significant drop in air pollution during the country-wide lockdown.

This isn’t just because of the ban on vehicular movement, but also due to the shut down of large industries and construction projects.

High levels of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) pollution, that leads to an increase in poor respiratory conditions, has gone down by 43% in the city alone. NOx levels mainly increase due to heavy traffic, which has drastically reduced across the country. Mumbai recorded a reduction of 38% and Ahmedabad, 50%.

The recent rainfall also aided in clearing the air, but, for the most part, it all boils down to “man-made” emissions.


As we know by now, COVID-19, in some cases, seriously impacts the functioning of the lungs, and a significant reduction of NOx levels in the air is something to be very grateful for right now!

Feature image by @shivkumar07 via Instagram

News Source: Business Standard

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