Pune: Rains to Continue for another 72 Hours in Wake of Cyclone Maha

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Pune, exasperated with the rains yet? We just have to get through this week! Following Cyclone Kyarr, which recently lost steam, is Cyclone Maha, causing the current weather situation in the city and parts of the state and country. The cyclone is rapidly intensifying right this minute.

Mr. Anupam Kashyapi, head of Weather, IMD Pune, recently said that parts of Maharashtra may get light to moderate rainfall for the next few days. As per the current forecast, we’ll be experiencing rainfall until around November 7.


Showers will reduce in the next couple of days and we’ll see a further reduction around November 6. The skies should be all clear after that.


Mr. Kashyapi also said that Maha is creating a moisture incursion in certain parts of Maharashtra. Now that the temperatures have increased, the moisture and heated land are leading to rainfall.

The rains and thunderstorm are expected to be heavy in some parts of the state and city, so you might want to change any major plans you may have made for the next couple of days.

Let’s hope we’re well on our way to a cold Puneri winter soon!

Featured image by @adi.arw via Instagram

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