Pune Police’s Hilarious Exchange on Twitter had Punekars in Splits

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We’ve got to give it to whoever’s handling the Pune Police official Twitter account. On Tuesday, the day of New Year’s eve, Pune Police urged people to stay away from drugs in 2020 and to make it their New Year’s resolution. One man tried to troll them for it, rather unsuccessfully. What followed was a hilarious exchange between Punekars and the local cops’ Twitter handle. Check it out!


A follower then tried to be funny by saying, “Guys LSD is allowed” and boy, he got a great response



The same guy then responded, “Sh*t got serious” and immediately got another response from Pune Police, saying, “You bet!” We simply couldn’t stop laughing!

From then on, more users joined in the fun…


Here’s another great one. Did you know what ‘Meow Meow’ is?


Here’s one guy trying to jokingly offer a bribe. Their responses just got better and better!


People were so impressed with whoever is handling Pune Police’s Twitter account and tried to find his/her identity. But alas, no one’s the wiser.

This is one of the most fun exchanges we’ve seen in a while! What do you think? Comment on Facebook and let us know!

News source: Pune Mirror

All images via Twitter

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