Pune Police Receives Award for a Tech Initiative

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Pune Police has been in the news a lot recently and for all the right reasons! On January 17 (Friday), the Computer Society of India presented an award to the city’s police department for their ‘Third I’ tech initiative during an event in Bhubaneshwar.

Pune Police, along with Adivid Technologies Pvt. Ltd. created ‘Third I: Enhancing Policing Preventing Crimes Using Digital Technologies’, which has been in use in all of the city’s police stations since last year.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (crime), Shri Bachchan Singh received the award and also said that Third I aims to give insights to police stations so they can plan targeted interventions.

The city’s police department had submitted the tech initiative’s entry for the Computer Society of India’s ‘E-governance Award, 2019 and now they’ve won!


Here’s wishing the whole team hearty congratulations!

Feature image by Hindustan Times

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