Pune: Mayor to go Live on Facebook Once a Month

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Punekars, we can now have a direct exchange with Pune Municipal Corp. Mayor, Shri Murlidhar Mohol, on the fourth Saturday of every month, as he goes live on Facebook!

His first Live session took place on January 25 (Saturday) at 7 pm and is still available to watch on his Facebook page.

Punekars can now ask him questions directly and also share their concerns with him. This is the first time his office has taken such a step, believing that so many citizens use Facebook and other social media portals, so why not make the most of it.

“A large number of citizens use social media. This can be put to good use and a direct dialogue with citizens can be established. The citizens can offer their views and ask questions,” he said.


He also added that he will give priority to questions related to Pune’s development and that people should put forth queries that are of public concern.

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Feature image is a screen grab of his first live video from January 25

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