Pune Pen Lovers Unite on Fountain Pen Day!

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Pune city celebrated Fountain Pen Day on November 1, 2019, with just as much fun and flourish as pen lovers do worldwide!

PuneMembers of the Pune Pen Club came together to rejoice in their adoration for brilliant Fountain Pens as well as take pride in each other’s commendable pen collections.

Surendra Karamchandani, a member of the club, said, “Even though technology is moving at a rapid rate, the craze for a good Fountain Pen continues to grow on a daily basis. People from a multitude of professions, like Doctors, Architects, Advocates and Chartered Accountants, love using a great Fountain Pen!”

With the growing number of Pen-related events in the city, it is clear that this classic writing instrument is still just as cherished by most as it was decades ago.


Pune Pen Club

We’re so glad to see a Pen Lovers’ club in the city! Being stationery lovers ourselves, it’s great to see Punekars get together for the love of superb pens from across the world. You’ll be surprised to know how many pen enthusiasts and collectors are around us!

Pune Pen Club

The Pune Pen Club is a closed group, with only manually selected members. If you’re a pen collector or enthusiast and would like to be a part of this group, send us a DM!

If you know of any more such interesting clubs and meet-ups in Pune city, let us know in Comments because we’d love to cover them!

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