Pune Peeps, Love Breakfast? Check This Out!

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Forget beginning your day on the wrong foot; starting your day on an empty stomach is the real Grinch of the morning. We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day to fuel your system and kick-start your metabolism. Not only is it important for your body, but it also sets the tone for the rest of your day. You don’t want to begin a day hangry! To save grace is Café 1730’s breakfast menu that leaves you spoilt for choice!


Café 1730’s coffee deserves to be right on top of this list and deserves a special mention of its own! It is the most underrated part of their menu and is heavenly – creamy, strong and not too sweet. They’ve got a whole lot of options too, which I won’t start listing out, but my personal favourites are their classic cappuccino, the café caramel, the hazelnut cappuccino and café mocha.

Fluffy Omelettes


The fluffier the better is basically motto for life! Café 1730 serves amazingly soft omelettes with your choice of filling. You can opt for a combination of chicken, garlic, bacon, cheese, mushroom, onions, pepper and tomatoes; or the staple masala omelette – served with crispy toast! I order a side of sausages and their amazing coffee, and I’m good to go!


Looking for something more filling than an omelette? Opt for the frittata! This is an Italian egg dish similar to a crust-less quiche made of egg. It is generously stuffed with ingredients of your choice – chicken, bacon, cheese, mushroom, onions or tomato.

Eggs Benedict

Here’s one place that serves the perfect Eggs Benedict. Flawlessly poached eggs with a runny center, served on an English muffin and topped with hollandaise sauce. The hollandaise sauce is delicious, and they give you a choice bacon, chicken or spinach as a topping.


Waffles are a gift to mankind! Equally crunchy and soft, Café 1730’s waffles are served with maple syrup, chocolate sauce, honey or fruit compote. Need we say more here?


For one of those mornings when your sweet tooth wakes up with you. Café 1730 serves soft, fluffy pancakes that are basically a hug to the soul. You can top up your pancakes with syrup, chocolate sauce, honey or fruit compote. Best enjoyed with a regular or hazelnut cappuccino!

Your Daily Stimulants

Pick from an array of fresh fruit juices to go with your breakfast, or pick a healthy and flavour-packed smoothie – mango, apple, vanilla, guava. They’ve also got Indian, green and iced teas.

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