Pune Now Houses India’s Largest Amazon Delivery Station

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E-commerce has ensured that millions of products are now at our finger tips. For us Indians, Flipkart and Amazon, the two e-commerce giants, have made things pretty convenient. Apart from the versatility of their products, there’s also the swift delivery, which most of us absolutely require when we order a product.

On August 29, Amazon declared the launch of their largest delivery station in India, in Hinjawadi, Pune. Spread across 40,000 sq. ft. this delivery station will make things easier (and swifter) this festive season.

Amazon also stated that they are looking at a few other cities for delivery station locations. Tuljapur, Lonar, Kolad, and Shegaon are some of the cities that can be viable options for large delivery stations.

Currently, Amazon owns 200 delivery stations along with 3000 mutually owned spaces across the state of Maharashtra.


The new delivery station and the upcoming ones will increase employment opportunities for locals as well as make online ordering so much simpler for people across the state.

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