Pune-Mumbai in Less than 30 Minutes – Hyperloop to Be Ready by 2024!

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Our sister city, Mumbai, is located roughly 3-4 hours from us and so many of us require to travel Pune-Mumbai and vice versa pretty frequently. In a unique tale of two cities, our state government aims to reduce this travel duration to a mere 25 minutes. How? With the help of the Virgin Hyperloop One, an ultra-high-speed ground transportation system wherein inter-city traveling will take less than the flight time or the time it takes for you to reach Koregaon Park from Kothrud.


This ambitious project comes as another positive news after the current Pune Metro project development. Commuting is an essential part of a Punekar’s life and plans and developments are constantly being made to manage hassle-free travel within and outside of the city. The Hyperloop One is a huge step towards meeting the rising needs of better infrastructure.



The cost of this project would roughly be INR 20,000 crores and around One Million direct and indirect jobs will be created through it. The Framework Agreement for the project was signed in the presence of Sri Narendra Modi, Sri Devendra Fadnavis and Virgin Hyperloop One Chairman Sir Richard Branson.


Reports suggest that commuters will have to shell an amount ranging from INR 1,000-1,500 for daily commuting with the Hyperloop. This comes as a welcome news for those who have their businesses as well as their livelihoods set up in either of the two cities. The severe traffic congestion on the highways as well as within both the cities will be drastically reduced with the Hyperloop. As for the safety as well as the quality of the travel? Only time will tell!

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