Pune Metro’s First Trial Run was Highly Successful!

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Great news, Pune people! After the very first Pune Metro coaches arrived in the city, officials conducted the first trial run in Pimpri a couple of days ago and deemed it super successful!

The trial was conducted on an elevated route on a 2.4 km stretch for about 30 minutes at 3 pm on Friday, January 10. The train ran on its own, pulling power from an overhead electric cable.

The process to conduct this trial had commenced on December 31 and just 10 days later, here we are! Not only did they test whether the train can run on its own, but a multitude of other synchronisation tests were conducted, involving various elements.



Pune Metro has approached the necessary departments for permissions before they can commercialise operations.

Are you as excited about Pune Metro commencing operations as we are? Let us know your thoughts!

Feature image by PuneMetroRail.org

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