Pune Metro Workers Discovered a British-Era Tunnel in Swargate!

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Often, renovation leads to newer discoveries from the past, which is what exactly happened in Pune recently as workers from the MahaMetro Rail Project discovered two hidden tunnels near Swargate while digging work was underway.

The tunnels were found at about 25m below the ground and officials claim that they are almost a century old. After the on-site employees stumbled upon the tunnels, experts were called and it was later declared that they were constructed to transport water in the 1940s.

Image by Hindustan Times

Mandar Lavate, a historian, claims that these tunnels are linked to water channeling in the Swargate area. Upon further investigation of the materials used to construct these tunnels, it was announced and verified that they were from the 1900s. Water in-flow into the city came from Katraj Lake at the time.


As for the tunnels, one of them is 57 metres long and 6 feet in height. Officials investigating the matter in depth say that there might be an entire network of tunnels leading to several parts of Pune city.

During the excavation process, the ground level was found uneven, which is what led to the discovery of these tunnels upon further digging.

Image by Times of India/India Times

This news comes as a surprise for historians and those studying our city’s history in the university; many of them were called on to site to investigate. This unique discovery points back to the chapter of history where things were simpler, yet coordinated. If indeed an entire network of tunnels is soon discovered, much of that knowledge can be used in the future to study and develop our city’s infrastructure.

Feature image by Hindustan Times

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