Pune Metro Pillars Being Converted into Vertical Gardens

Clean and green!

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Inspired by Metro projects in Mexico, a number of Indian cities have Metro rail pillars adorned with vertical gardens. We can now add Pune to the list!

Not only do they fight air pollution and look beautiful, but according to Sunil Mhaske, the Chief Project Manager of Maha-Metro, they also save the cost of painting the massive pillars.

Plans include creating these vertical gardens at all important Metro pillars across the city.

Pune Metro PillarThe pillars will be framed by a mesh, and plants and pots will be mounted on them. The sheer number of greens on the pillars will give the perception of a vertical garden; such a simple and yet wonderful idea!


A drop irrigation mechanism will be used to provide recycled water to the plants. Certain pillar plants will also receive water through a hydroponics technology, which helps saving the element.

Go Pune Metro!

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