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Lunch usually starts at 1 pm. Feet are dragged to the office canteen followed by oily sabji with machine made rotis being pushed down to satiate an unwilling but hungry stomach. Desserts arent even worth a glance unless the objective is an instant dose of diabetes.

Today is different though. A beautifully designed box with a Gourmade with Love logo and the motto Eat well. Live well. sits on my table. Going by the lunch being served in the canteen, I have certainly not been living well! The aroma seeping through the box lures me to break for lunch as early as possible. I gratefully oblige. What follows is pure gastronomic delight. Cracked wheat and the tenderest of Chicken Tikka Masala with veggies followed by a perfectly done Coconut and Avocado Barfi. I think it is fair to say, lunch at work has never been better.


Gourmade with Love is the brainchild of Soniya Arya Patodia, who after a long stint in the manufacturing industry, combined the need to be able to work on her own terms with her love of food. Being a fitness enthusiast she sensed a clear absence of eateries serving delicious and nutritious food, coupled with a general lack of hygiene.


Wanting to let people know that healthy does not mean boring and definitely not boiled and insipid, ignited in her the idea of starting her own venture. She believes people have it all wrong when it comes to well-being and nutrition, and in wanting to change this thought process was born the aptly named Gourmade with Love.

Her passion then saw her spend a copious amount of time and energy into thinking up ways in which her undertaking could add value to her customers lives. She designed everything right from the logo to the packaging to the branding by herself! The food in itself is a testimony to her commitment to her customers and also beautifully reflects her travels to culinary melting pots like Andalusia, Thailand, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Mexico and the Middle East! Inculcating flavors from around the world into the Gourmade kitchen, which she learns from cooking classes with locals, gives her a different kind of high. Food, she strongly believes, is what brings people together.

After over a year of Gourmaking with love, Soniya is tremendously proud of the class and quality of food product she has consistently been serving. Rightly so based on numerous testimonials by customers saying how her food has not only satisfied their cravings but has also brought their health parameters like cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, fat and weight in control.

Gourmade with Love now averages an impressive 800 meals a month to a wide array of clients like working professionals, expats, home stay parents, fitness professionals and doctors. Soniya envisions her customers working hard on their personal and professional lives while Gourmade with Love caters to their food needs. One of a kind in the city, we at The Punekar hope Gourmade with Love breaks the citys frontiers and that Soniya steers her venture to places afar!

You can reach Soniyas team at 7507359752 or order using their website. Also, give their Facebook page a follow!

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