Pune Localities – 6 Fun Things to do in Aundh

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There are so many spots in Pune where you can just chill or hangout with your friends and loved ones. Let’s explore one such area of our city- Aundh. A commercially developed area with several good spots, it’s hard to be bored in Aundh. However, if you don’t know how to kill time in the area, then worry not. Here are six things you can do in Aundh to kill time!

Westend Mall
Image by Siddhesh Bhobe

Malls are a great option when it comes to killing time! You can spend most of your day exploring Westend and it doesn’t even matter if you’re shopping or not. Window shopping is free, lucrative and time consuming as well. Take a group of friends to partake in several fun activities in this mall and/or indulge in some shopping!




Several good spas in Aundh promise a relaxing, pampering affair. Spend a few hours at one of them and get your monthly dose of self-care. Tag along with a friend if you don’t want to go alone, and you can catch up on gossip while the spa employees tend to your every need. Some good spas in the area are Amantra Spa (at Westend Mall), Yung Spa, the Four Fountains and the Isa Spa.

Ekattha – The Design Faktory


Ekattha is a co-working space for professionals where you can connect and share ideas with like-minded people. If not, you can always catch up on a good book or do your own work at this super cozy co-working space! They also hold multiple workshops here, and if you follow them on Facebook, you can stay updated with what they’re up to!

Café Joshua


A pet-friendly café, Café Joshua opens really early in the morning. This quaint café is a treat for you as well as your pets; you can spend some time with your furry buddies or simply relax while your pet explores and makes new friends! The food here is pretty good as well!

La Bouche D’Or


A fancy little patisserie which serves delectable desserts, La Bouche D’Or is the perfect place to have a tiny bite or gorge on some delicious desserts. A fantastic dinner date place as well, where you can spend some intimate time with your loved one and have long, sweet conversations!

Bars in Aundh
Image of Fly High @ Westend Mall

End the day with a few beers and some lip-smacking finger food! Some great bars in the vicinity are Fly High, Hoppipola and Mad About Drinks. Grab a few cocktails with a couple of friends and just unwind!

Hope you got some great tips on spending a day in Aundh, Pune!

Feature image by Café Joshua

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