Pune, Let’s Say it With Cake!

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A couple of days ago, my girl gang was coming over to my place to spend the night; we were celebrating a friend’s birthday and decided to get together at home instead of heading out this year. You know, chilling around in jammies, polishing off some wine, cutting a delicious cake- it sounded like more fun than hitting a restaurant or lounge.

We take turns of being in charge of cake duty, and of course, guess who’s turn it was this time? I have a pretty tight schedule everyday- always hopping from one meeting to another, endless outdoor shoots, phone buzzing non-stop, constantly ticking things off my to-do list!

Caught up in an especially gruelling day, I completely forgot about ordering that cake we were all looking forward to digging into so much! I mean, how can we celebrate a birthday without cake! It’s not like we were heading out on a cake trail in the city!

Bakeway Pune


I then remembered a billboard I’d seen a few days ago (it’s been on my regular route to the gym)- an advertisement about ordering cakes of one’s choice online! I quickly logged on to bakeway.com and started browsing; oh boy, what an absolute saviour!

Bakeway has numerous bakeries and home-bakers as partners all over Pune and cater to the entire city! And as if that wasn’t good enough already, they have have an option of a two-hour delivery! My locality alone had 33 options to choose from- I simply couldn’t believe my luck!

Bakeway PuneKnowing that the birthday girl loves Mango flavour, I ordered a ‘Fresh Mango Cream Cake’ from Sassy Teaspoon in Koregaon Park. The site asked me for my choice of cake size, whether I wanted it with egg or the eggless option, an estimated preferred time of delivery (3:30-4 pm) and an optional message to put on the cake. I selected everything and moved on to the payment process, which was cleared within seconds. Now all I had to do was wait for Bakeway to send over my cake!

On the day of our girl gang get-together, Bakeway delivered the scrumptious cake to my home at exactly 3:45 pm! I opened it to confirm that it was the one I ordered, along with the message it had on, and it was just perfect! They’d even sent over some candles, which I think was a really thoughtful touch (because who keeps little birthday cake candles just lying around the house)!

While I had to resist the temptation of trying it then and there, I couldn’t resist putting up a few pictures on my Instagram. A number of you asked me the pictures from my Instagram Story, so here’s the answer you’ve been waiting for!

Bakeway PuneBless the day I noticed their ad on my way to the gym… Bakeway is such a simple solution to ordering hundreds of types of cakes and accessories at such affordable prices!

Their site is clean and easy to navigate through; you just have to select your delivery location and it’ll show you so many bakeries and home-baker options. Whether it’s for a birthday, a wedding, or simply any occasion you need a cake for, you’ll find it on Bakeway. It’s not like we always need a special occasion to eat cake anyway, so go on, order that cake and celebrate!

Their service is prompt and perfect; they send timely messages to keep you updated about your order status all the way until it’s out for delivery and you’ve received it. Even the nice delivery man had a huge smile on his face when he brought my cake home!

We had an amazing girls’ night in and the birthday girl LOVED her cake so much! Punekars, you absolutely must check these guys out – take a bow, Bakeway! I cannot thank you enough!

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