Pune Launches World’s Largest Pillar-Less Dome!

A tribute to world peace!

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With several historical and cultural oriented attractions, Pune is progressing rapidly in the nation’s eyes. The scope of development keeps increasing and multiple talented and humble Punekars are to be thanked for it! Artists, teachers, scientists, engineers, doctors etc., are collectively amounting to the city’s massive rise.

A historic gem was launched on October 2, paying homage to one of the greatest freedom fighters and an even more noteworthy man in his being- Mahatma Gandhi.


On Gandhi Jayanti, Pune launched the world’s largest pillar-less dome in Maharashtra Institute of Technology’s World Peace University (MIT-WPU) campus at Loni Kalbhor; this mega monument was inaugurated by Vice President Venkaiah Naidu and pays tribute to world peace and the remarkable men who have contributed to it right to this day.


More than 54 massive bronze statues of some of the greatest leaders of our world will be displayed within this monument, a fine dedication to those dedicated to bringing peace through rough times.


The statues are bronze embodiments of leaders like Gautam Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mahavir, Guru Nanak, Mahatma Gandhi, Confucius, Adi Shankaracharya, Plato, Aristotle, Aryabhatta, Socrates, Mother Teresa, Sant Tukaram, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and other historic beings.

The statues have been prioritized by the work of these great men and women, rather than their nationality, and have been created by a 93-year-old artist, Ram V Sutar. As for the dome- it has a diameter of 160 feet, and it is supported by 24 massive columns. The top of the dome comprises of a temple of Goddess Sarasvati, the goddess of knowledge, which is another first in the world’s architecture.

Dr. Vishwanath Karad

However, all this great work, the great achievement for our city, is owed to one individual. It is the outcome of 13 years of sheer dedication and efforts against all odds by one teacher – Dr. Vishwanath Karad.

Being influenced by the teachings of all the great saints, thinkers, philosophers etc., of this world, this monument is his dedication to them. The dome represents his vision for the world, a world where peace thrives and everyone is aware of their true sense of being.

As humble as his teachings, Dr. Vishwanath Karad hails from a poor family and at 77 years of age, he is the founder-president of MIT World Peace University; a noteworthy contribution by a noteworthy man indeed.

This dome in Pune will invite several tourists and great minds alike. We will hopefully be a notable name in the list of cities which created and crafted change. Being blessed with able bodies and minds, it is our responsibility to safeguard not just this dome, but also every other intellectual, physical, and sentimental public property. Let this magnificent monument be the start of a new golden era for Pune as well as our nation!

Feature image credits: GKDigest

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