Pune Launches Web Portal for People Under Self-Quarantine

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Yesterday (March 15), the city’s district administration launched a web portal for people who have self-quarantined themselves in Pune.

Ayush Prasad, the CEO of Pune Zilla Parishad, said, “The portal is based on a cellphone app in South Korea, which monitors people who are under home-isolation. With the app, people who are ordered not to leave home can stay in contact with health officials and report their progress. It will help us get information about people who had travelled abroad and have put themselves in self-quarantine. The local quarantine officer will also be able to access the data uploaded at 12-hour intervals. South Korea used such a system to put millions of people under self-quarantine, we aim to have at least 6,000 people.”

Health officials in the city will be able to access the data fed in by people who have been ordered to stay home via the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP).

This is an important time to stay in as much as possible, isolate yourselves and take as many preventive measures as you can!


News via The Indian Express

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