Pune is Therapy… Pune is Life

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Once upon a time, Pune was considered the retirement home for many officers, and with good reason. The quaint little city of Pune grows on you like ivy to the walls, to a point that it’s difficult to imagine living elsewhere. Even with the hustle and bustle of a busy, modern work-life, you won’t find a more relaxed and therapeutic city.

Retail Therapy

There’s no better stress buster than great new pair of kicks or heels, is there? Pune offers you an endless array of options for retail therapy. From malls like Phoenix Marketcity Pune and Amanora, that house all of your high-end brands, to street shopping on MG road and FC Road.

Aroma Therapy


Reep the benefits of essential oils and a relaxing massage to wash away your ailments and worries. Pune is home to several great salons and spas where you can get your hair and nails done to look good before heading for a soothing massage to feel good. Don’t know where to start? There’s a Four Fountains Spa in nearly every locality of the city.

Sound Therapy

From upcoming artists to those who have reached international horizons, the city has seen immense talent. The likes of Nucleya and Dualist Inquiry feel entirely at home in Pune city, and you’ll often find them playing at High Spirits or Euriska. You can also take your pick of festivals from NH7 to Enchanted Valley Festival and lose yourself to the numerous gigs that take place in Pune.

Food Therapy

By now, the Oxford of the East has more eateries than colleges! Whatever your favourite cuisine may be, Pune promises to satisfy your craving, and how! The city also hosts food festivals from time to time, like the Grub Fest and the Farmers Market where you can enjoy multiple cuisines and some beer and a live gig to go along with it!

Nature Therapy

The city is lined with trees on every road and several parks where you can surround yourself with nature, like the Osho Park or the Empress Garden. Not only that, nearby Pune are several beautiful hill-stations, beaches, and lakes that are perfect for weekend getaways. Spend the day trekking in Sinhagad, or set up camp by the lake for the best of nature therapy.

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