Pune: In Conversation with Nawazuddin Siddiqui

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Nawazuddin Siddiqui- a truly talented actor who has given us some brilliant and memorable performances and yet, in my brief experience of interviewing celebrities, he is by far the most humble and kind of them all.

He recently came to Pune for a press conference promoting his upcoming film, Babumoshai Bandookbaaz, wherein he plays a role of a rustic contract killer. And, the best part of this chat was that he did not hold back and spoke straight from his heart. Read for yourself!

Which expression is the most difficult for you to emote?

Staying neutral is quite tough. It is easy to make people laugh or cry. Anyway, we Indians are innately dramatic. So, being subtle on screen is quite a task for me. *Finally, someone says it!*


Which movie or performance of yours do you think is underrated?

Raman Raghav! I had high hopes for that one. I also got a lot of acclaim internationally, even at Cannes. Unfortunately, it fizzled in India and that was disappointing.

Do you still tear up when your films don’t do well?

No, not really. Thanks to my struggling days, I have learnt to move on.

Do you ever get jealous of anyone’s performance?

Yes, absolutely. Even while filming this movie, whenever my co-star gave an honest performance, I thought I better pull up my socks. What to do, I am human! *Such honesty!*

Now that you have established yourself professionally and financially, what do you splurge most on?

I am not really a materialistic person. You would find it weird, but I still borrow things. The trousers that I am wearing right now are also borrowed.

Which Actor or Director encouraged you during your struggling period? 

Anurag Kashyap. He was very nice to me even when I was a nobody. And that is quite rare in this industry.

Would you like to do Marathi films?

Yes, I would love to. If a good script comes my way, I would totally grab it.

Well, here’s hoping that we see his brilliant acting in some home-grown Marathi movies! Keep rocking, you!

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