Pune Housemaid’s Business Card Goes Viral Across India!

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Pune, once again, an example has been set on how we’re a bunch of people always happy to help a fellow Punekar! By now, most of you have received a Whatsapp forward about a lovely housemaid’s personalised visiting card- here’s how it happened. For those of you who haven’t heard about it, keep reading!


Geeta Kale works as a domestic help around the Bavdhan locality of Pune. A few days ago, she lost work at one of the homes she was working in. Enter Dhanashree Shinde, another one of Kale’s employers. When Shinde returned home that evening and found her house help looking extremely upset, she asked her what happened and found out about Kale losing a job.

Within a day itself, Shinde designed and printed around a hundred Visiting Cards for Kale, describing all the chores the housemaid can carry out and how much she charges. Shinde then helped Kale spread the word and hand out her cards in the area.


Geeta and Dhanashree

It didn’t take long for a picture of her Visiting Card to go viral, not just in Pune city, but across the country! Her phone hasn’t stopped ringing since, job offers pouring from all over India. Kale simple couldn’t handle the magnitude of enquiries coming in and handed the phone over to Shinde to manage them!

How heartwarming is this story?! This needs to be shared as much as possible!

Dhanashree Shinde, if you happen to read this, you’re a wonderful human being! 

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