Pune has a Heart – The Kindness Series ❤️

Story 1 - 48 Seconds

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We at The Punekar, as part of a weekly series, bring to you simple, yet life-changing incidents and experiences of pure kindness we witness on the streets, in homes, workspaces, and just about anywhere in Pune. The aim of this series is to showcase the soul of the city, the heart of its citizens and the kindness there is all around us, only if we just stop for a moment and observe. 

If you have such a story to tell, or have witnessed an act of kindness you’ll never forget, please feel free to drop in your words via email to apeksha@thepunekar.com. Just so your email does not to get buried in the avalanche of emails we receive everyday, make sure to fill in the Subject space of your email with Pune has a Heart. Each story, if published, will end with the name of its author, giving you due credits. Let’s showcase Pune’s soul together, Punekars! Here’s the first of the lot…


This incident took place last July, on Pune University Road, right at the signal, to be precise. It was raining heavily, so heavily that I had to shield my eyes with my hand despite wearing a rain cap.


To my left as well as right, two cars were waiting for the green light. Exactly in front of me, an old man was on a scooter, a child riding behind him wearing a school uniform. It was afternoon so I’m guessing that the grandfather had collected his grandson from school and was now driving back home.

None of them had a raincoat, just seeing that made me shiver. The weather was far from kind; the rains relentless, making the winds more than just chilly. The boy was clutching his grandfather’s shoulders and I could see them shivering. I tried and failed miserably at making my fellow commuters understand the painful scenario in front of me.


Right then, the two cars opened their passenger windows. The car to my right reversed just a bit and adjusted in a way that the passenger window was exactly next to the young boy on the scooter and the car on the left was now next to the grandfather. Hands emerged from both the vehicles and umbrellas were pulled out simultaneously, hovering above both their heads through the red light’s duration, protecting them from the heavy downpour.

I watched in disbelief, thinking that maybe I imagined the scene- it seemed so unreal.

Strangers, every single one of them, and yet humanity didn’t douse in those cold, pouring moments. A simple incident which didn’t last for more than 48 seconds, and yet bared the hearts of a couple of Punekars.

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