Pune has a Heart – The Kindness Series ❤️

Story 2 - Unity

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We at The Punekar, as part of a weekly series, bring to you simple, yet life-changing incidents and experiences of pure kindness we witness on the streets, in homes, workspaces, and just about anywhere in Pune. The aim of this series is to showcase the soul of the city, the heart of its citizens and the kindness there is all around us, only if we just stop for a moment and observe. 

If you have such a story to tell, or have witnessed an act of kindness you’ll never forget, please feel free to drop in your words via email to apeksha@thepunekar.com. Make sure to fill in the Subject space of your email with Pune has a Heart. If your story is published, we will give you due credits for it. Let’s showcase Pune’s soul together, Punekars! If you haven’t read the first story, here it is. And, here’s the second of the lot… 


This happened right after the German Bakery bomb blasts in Pune on February 13, 2010. Through a friend, I came to know of a man who lost his child in those blasts. A child, one amongst 17 people killed that day.


Seeing him suffer made me understand the fragility of life, and what losing a child can do to a parent. For an entire year, this man refused to acknowledge his child’s death- he continued to address his child in front of everyone, pretend as if everything was okay. Absolutely heartbreaking.

If you remember the effect those bomb blasts had, you’ll remember the religious tension in our city. Minimal, but still hovering dangerously.

This man recovered from the tragedy in the most unique and beautiful way. I met him last year- he was accompanied by a young boy, no older than seven. He told me that the boy’s name was Iqbal, his adopted son. “He lost his parents in the same blast, he is a victim too. By giving him life, I got mine back as well”, he said.

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