Pune Gets the Country’s First Self-Service Petrol Pump

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For the first time in India, a self-service fuel pump has been introduced in Pune, a Bharat Petroleum station near the Regional Transport Office in the city.

It’s a big step in the direction of learning to live with Coronavirus, which could be here to stay for sometime. Instead of petrol pump attendants to fill fuel in our vehicles, we’ll maintain social distancing by doing the job ourselves.

At the station, one will be given three options to tank up. The first is entering the number of litres we wish to fill up, the second is the amount of money we wish to pay, and the third is to top up one’s vehicle. In the last case, one must enter 500 litres on the machine; the tank will be filled up and fuel supply will automatically stop once it’s done.

Initially, the petrol pump will have helpers to guide customers with the machines. Hand sanitisers will be available so we can take proper precautions to curb the spread of Covid-19.


If this self-service pump turns out to be a success, others in the city may soon follow suit.

What do you guys think about this concept? Let us know!

News source: Times Now 

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