Pune Gets its First Food Truck Zone and it’s a Treat!

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Not to be crass, but I tripped balls when I first found out that Pune was getting its own Food Truck Zone along the New Airport Road. Multiple food trucks with dozens of edible options to choose from, all in one convenient lot, saving me the trouble of having to haul my derrière all over town hunting them down? I. Was. There. Within. Seconds.

I gathered up a few of my ravenous friends and together we made our way to scope out the scene and fill our tummies. We had seven food trucks to try and a dizzying amount of options to choose from. Now was not the time to dilly-dally.

Food Truck #1: Hakuna Matata


I made a beeline for Hakuna Matata the second I read ‘Cuban Sandwich’ on the food truck. The heavens parted and the angels sang. Obviously, I had to try the Cuban, but we also got ourselves a portion of their sweet and spicy fries.

Now, if you’re looking for a sandwich that can more than hold its own, it’s this Cuban. Slices of ham and bacon (an interesting touch) layered with sharp mustard and nestled between lightly toasted slices of bread, this was a sandwich that made me whimper.

The chicken wings were melt in your mouth, honeyed with a distinct edge of chili. Served with some spicy, crispy fries, the combination was everything you wanted it to be.

Food truck #2: 3 Bhukkads

3 Bhukkads offered 8 different kinds of fillings for your burgers, sandwiches and rolls. We tried the Peri Peri Chicken and we tried in between two buns (in a burger, for you prudes).


We also ordered a serving of the Mango Chicken Curry with Rice because; as my friends put it- “mango in chicken curry how?”

The Peri Peri Chicken was soft and succulent, with well-balanced sweet and tangy flavours. The shredded cheese was a tab bit overpowering and I would’ve personally preferred to let the sharp Peri Peri flavours shine through, but that’s just me.


The mango chicken curry, however, was something else. Incredibly creamy and surprisingly rich, with just a hint of sweetness from the mangoes, this velvety gold curry was served to us on a bed of fluffy rice and was absolutely magical.

Food truck #3: Fork the Kebabs

It’s always a good time for kebabs. Even right after a particularly heavy meal of a Cuban, a burger, chicken wings and an entire serving of chicken curry *ahem*.

Fork the Kebabs offers our standard favorites: tikkas, seekh kebabs, chicken wings and biryani. We asked for chicken biryani (my first and only love in the world) and seekh kebabs.

We were served a generous heaping of chicken biryani; the meat soft and seasoned right through, and the rice delicately flavoured with whole spices.

The seekh kebabs, though, a tad bit spicy for my taste, were juicy and succulent and served up with some fresh pav and slices of onion and spicy green chutney. Overall, very satisfying and wholesome.

Food truck #4: The Eggs Factor

Honestly, I’d be surprised if there hadn’t been an egg food truck on this plot. Eggs are always a good idea, especially because they cook easy, can be made in a 100000 different ways (both sweet and savoury) and are dearly loved by all.

Case in point, when we ordered a plate of egg pav bhaji, we had literally no idea we’d end up being blown away by the explosion of exquisite flavours we were about to encounter.

Egg pav bhaji is a bhaji made completely out of spicy egg mince that I could have sworn tasted like meat (no meat though), topped with salty, melty cheese and a fluffy omelette to boot. Nothing will prepare you for the assault of flavours in your mouth.

Food truck #5: Taste in Town

Time to move on to desserts and Taste in Town had exactly what we needed. We tried the Mississippi Mud House from their list of shakes, ice-creams, juices and more. A chocolate shake so thick, you couldn’t sip it out of the straw they gave you, so you had to “drink” it with spoons. This chocolate shake was frozen chocolate “mud” in a glass; dense, rich and creamy. Just the kind of thing you need after a meal that hearty.

Food truck #6: Wheelers

One of my favourite cuisines, Wheelers offers a Mexican fare with burritos, tacos and nachos perfect for grab and go. We tried their chicken burrito; Tortilla wraps stuffed with rice, kidney beans, and shredded chicken, enveloped in a spicy tangy salsa sauce. So delicious! I would have liked the burrito to be a bit cheesier, but overall it was very good.

Food truck #7: Chow down

As the name suggests, this is the food truck for things you’d like to chow down upon; burgers, sandwiches, nachos, rolls and even churros! Which is precisely what we ordered. Deep fried dough coated in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon; these Mexican fritters are eaten with drizzled hot chocolate sauce. Crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside, churros are every bit the calories… not that I’m counting.

Overall, the Food Truck Zone was a fun experience and I do look forward to seeing many more names added to the list. But hey, here’s to a promising start! 

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