Pune gets Heaviest June Rainfall in 9 Years!

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2019 seems to be the year of extreme weather conditions in Pune; record high and low temperatures, and now, apparently, the highest amount of June rainfall in the past 9 years! Yes, Pune recorded the heaviest rainfall on June 27th at 71.4 mm within nine hours! Our rain gauge located in Shivajinagar recorded this figure between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm.

Most experts did grimly point out that the monsoon this year was going to hit us hard and it did; the majority of precipitation on this day was observed in just three hours between 1-4 pm. Usually, the intensity of the rainfall is calculated over a period of 24 hours; the highest 24 hour June rainfall was on July 15th 2010 and it was a staggering 99.4mm. However, the recent recordings are much higher considering the 9 hour window.

Theoretically, Pune was the wettest place in the state in June. Places like Konkan and Goa, which usually experience heavy rainfall recorded a lesser amount than Pune during this period. Experts say that although the showers were much-needed, they were highly unexpected. The heavy downpour came after a surplus amount of moisture in the Arabian Sea.

We’ve had a break from heavy rainfall for the past few days, but according to the Forecast Division, rainfall activity will increase from July 18-19!


So far, there have been no health hazards or illnesses in the air, but the Health Department still advises residents to be careful during this monsoon period.

This report was first published in Times of India

Feature image by Chinmoy Mukerji

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