Pune gets a Mural in Honour of Doctors Fighting Against Covid-19

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Dr. Pratishtha Banga came to Pune from Hong Kong along with her husband and child to visit her family. They had to stay back in the city when the lockdown was announced.

Pratishtha, a researcher and consultant by profession, is also a super talented artist. Just like it’s being done across the world, she decided to create art, honouring doctors fighting the war against the ongoing pandemic.

After she sought permission from PMC to create the mural, instead of waiting for a sponsor, she decided to self-sponsor the project and completed the outstanding artwork in just a matter of a couple of days.

PuneThe mural shows a doctor safeguarding people under her angel wings. She chose to showcase a female doctor in her work as she believes they’re multitaskers, now more than ever, not only working with patients but also managing their homes.


We’re so very proud and thankful to have art like this in the city, showing gratitude to our doctors who are working tirelessly during this crisis.

You can follow @pratishtha_banga on Instagram to stay updated with her lovely art!

News source: India Times

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