Pune Getaways – Your Guide to Kashid Beach

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Pune! Do you also feel like you need a quick getaway after last weekend’s activities? We feel ya! Let’s escape the city for some cool serenity. The options are endless, but instead of the usual Goa or Konkan, let’s try something else. Kashid beach, anyone? The best time to visit this beach is February-June and October-December.

Located around 170 kilometers (4-hour drive) from Pune, if you leave before day break, you can reach Kashid just in time for a late breakfast or brunch. The drive itself is very scenic, so don’t pass out in the car; you’ll have more than enough time to relax later.

Image by @aditigoel22

As for the beach now- it’s relatively less crowded than most of the popular beaches in our country and it’s pretty clean. Depending on when you go there, there’s a good chance that you’ll have the beach all for yourself most of the times during the day. You’ll also find options for jet-skiing at the beach and it’s one of the most fun activities to do around here!


As for your stay in Kashid, the first option should be Prakruti Resort, located at the foothills of the Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s ranked #1 on TripAdvisor. Another option is the Kashid Beach Resort, a picturesque tiny resort overlooking the beach. You can also go for the ‘Let’s Camp Out’ program near the beach, where they will provide you with a cozy tent and other facilities.

Revdanda Beach
Revdanda Beach – Image by @shubham.bandivadekar.311

Kashid has a few attractions, the most important being the nearby favourite spots- Murud and Janjira forts. The biggest attraction in Kashid (apart from the beach) is the Revdanda beach fort. Located around 14 km from Kashid, the Portuguese- built fort is now almost in ruins. However, it’ll do for the curious history buffs. The fort is covered in its entirety by betel nut plantations.

Another tourist attraction is the Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary, located 12 km from Kashid. This 53 sq. km. sanctuary houses several species of birds, animals, insects, and reptiles. Around 148 species of birds are found in this sanctuary. Around 710 species of plants can also be observed in this sanctuary.

Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary
Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary – Image by @rahul_freelance_photographer

For the religious members of the family, there’s a Datta Mandir which offers the perfect moment of calm and serenity. It’s located 18 km from Kashid and was constructed by Swami Brahmendra in honour of Shri Datta Maharaj.

Kashid Beach
Image by @nikhil_chourawar_official

When it comes to food, you’ll find a ton of shacks and home chefs in the locality. Seafood lovers, you’re particularly going to love the grub here! Veg options are naturally pretty limited, but you can enjoy some authentic Konkani cuisine while you’re here for sure! Their local Mutton and Chicken curries will have you enjoying a memorable meal, one you’ll remember for years to come!

There you have it, Pune people! Head over this weekend and don’t forget to tag us in your pictures!

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