Pune Gears up as India Goes Under a 21-Day Lockdown

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Punekars, here are the highlights of PM Modi’s speech last night, March 24, 8 pm:

  • We will impose a lockdown across the nation, starting at midnight, for three weeks
  • These 21 days of isolation are crucial to break the Coronavirus chain
  • We need to learn from countries which have somewhat successfully avoided a massive spread of the virus; weeks before they could face a situation like Italy and/or Spain, they went into complete social isolation
  • I appeal to you to stay at home and think about the people on the frontline who are putting their lives at risk for your safety
  • All efforts are being made for ample provision of essential supplies
  • Please do not take any medication without the advice of your doctors
  • I am confident that the nation will come out of this victorious
  • Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones

Railways will remain suspended until April 14. The Mumbai-Pune Expressway will only be available for essential service vehicles. Petrol Pumps in Pune have been banned from selling fuel to its citizens, with the exception of essential service and frontline workers.

Readers, these 21 days are extremely crucial to stop, or, at least, drastically slow down the spread of COVID-19. We request you to stay home, restrict outdoor movements as much as possible and take good care of yourselves. Even for essential items, before you venture out, first check if home-deliveries are available. Please do not panic-buy items to store for months on end. 


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