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Previously on The Punekar, we covered some scrumptious summer cocktails at Café 1730 to beat this hellish heat. A couple of our fellow Punekars dropped in at the Café to try some of them and fell in love. They also sent us a message asking what they should eat. So we thought, why not list it out for you. Here are some light bites from Café 1730 that would go perfectly with your summer cocktails. Dig in!

Seafood Marinara

First one up is a delight for all seafood lovers – a blend of seafood cooked to perfection in marinara sauce, served on fresh toasted bread made in house. The seafood is extremely fresh and the tomato sauce of the marinara does not empower, rather enhances, the taste of Italian herbs and olive oil.


Wings Café 1730 Style

Need we say much here? Succulent chicken wings pre-marinated in spices and crumb fried, glazed with an added layer of hot sauce on top. Mouth-wateringly fiery and a wonderful contrast for a sweet, fruity cocktail.

Devils on Horseback

This one is definitely a favourite of mine, and also a top choice of all meat-lovers. Prawns wrapped in bacon, cheese and celery. The mild buttery and slightly sweet flavour of the prawns balanced out with the stronger flavour of the bacon and cheese. Literally the perfect starter to have over a couple of drinks. I think I could have eaten plates and plates of this dish!

Potato Pepper and Cheese Croquettes

A patent dish for a drinking session with the buddies and one you can’t go wrong with. Who doesn’t like the crunch of that first bite as your teeth sink into potato and cheesy goodness? Café 1730 adds a twist to this dish by adding a peppery flavour, giving it an added kick. Served with an Aioli dip – a rich dip with pounded garlic and olive oil prepared with a bit of lemon juice.

Beef Tongue

A known delicacy throughout the world – strips of carabeef sautéed in a spicy sauce and served on blanched cabbage leaves. Not something most people would be willing to try, but Café 1730’s presentation of the dish does not make you feel squeamish at all. In fact, it has a mild and delicate flavour compared to other beef, yet it is rich and fulfilling.

Butter Garlic Mushrooms

A simple yet delicious preparation of mushrooms lightly tossed in garlic and butter, topped with herbs for an extremely fresh flavour.

Nawabi Murg Ka Tikka

This one is an absolute hit for the Indian palate. Cubes of boneless chicken pre-marinated in fine traditional Nizami spices covered with fluffy egg white and prepared in a tandoor. It is a burst of delicious Indian spices.

Supreme Nachos (Veg & Chicken)

Traditional Nacho crispy corn chips topped with beans and generously layered with cheese, sour crème and pimento sauce. The mix of the beans, cheese and sauces on top is supreme indeed!

Order away!

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