Pune: Fergusson College Road to Become an Art Plaza!

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Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has decided to convert FC Road into an Art Plaza, the third such initiative in the city. The first two are at Bund Garden Bridge and Rajaram Bridge (still under construction).

The FC Road plaza will have spaces dedicated to various types of art and performers, including music, dance, fine arts etc. People will also have the opportunity to take tours of historic places in and around the locality. The plaza will be held on the entire FC Road stretch, from Deccan to Shivajinagar Police headquarters.

The reason to pick a crowded place like FC Road for the plaza is so that the initiative is more of a success as compared to the Bund Garden bridge one.

Many artists have welcomed this move, even though they’re skeptical about the choice of location due to its crowded space.


While the Bund Garden Art Plaza did not see much activity, let’s wait and watch whether the FC Road one takes off!

News Source: Pune Mirror

Feature image by Prakash K

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