Pune Farmers Grow Chemical-Free Veggies for City Dwellers

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Sustainable farming methods help farmers fight climate change and grow chemical-free food which is in high demand across the country. The food that is currently available is not entirely organic and involves the use of a high amount of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Over 2000 farmers around Pune have come together to promote Urban farming skills. The farmers are trained by The Eco Factory Foundation located in Yevat, about 44 km from Pune.

Anand Chordia, founder of The Eco Factory Foundation, said, “We have taken many distinctive initiatives to strengthen the farmers’ economy, address the national issue of waste management, reducing environmental footprint and eradicating malnutrition.”

“The farmers are working relentlessly towards practicing sustainable farming. They are taught about recycling waste, using agriculture waste as a resource and using natural pesticides and insecticides,” he added.



He successfully established India’s first-ever Waste Management Park-Learning and Awareness Centre in Pune for a greener, cleaner, and sustainable India. This waste management park brings together different methodologies invented and utilized by various NGOs and showcases them on one platform.

Along with that, he created ‘Green Pages’- India’s first-ever Waste Management Directory, a compilation of green recyclers and processors.

Among other initiatives, the TEFF has also tied up with six educational institutes in the city.

The educational institutes in Pune have converted barren land into food growing zones in their campuses with an idea to create an atmosphere where students can learn the new techniques of farming and enhance their knowledge of sustainable development.

Colleges like SNDT College of Home Science, Gokhle Institute, SNDT and ISKON temple in Pune region have successfully created food zones on open land. The participation of different colleges gives the students an insight into the idea of organic farming in their region.

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