Pune Cops Perform ‘Kanyadaan’ for Couple’s Wedding during Lockdown

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In yet another heart-touching incident, a group of Pune’s cops organised and helped perform a couple’s wedding rituals in the city amid the ongoing lockdown.

Marketing professional Aditya Bisht and Doctor Neha Kushwaha were supposed to get married on May 2 and while the usual wedding fanfare could not take place, the city’s police personnel helped them get married!

Parents of the couple witnessed the wedding via video calls and police official Manoj Patil and his wife gave away the bride in a Kanyadaan ritual.

The father of the groom had contacted Pune Police to ask whether the kids could be allowed to travel to Dehradun for the wedding. When his request was denied, he instead asked the authorities for their help. Police official, Prasad Lonare, who first took the call, sought permission from his seniors, and once approved, officers helped make the arrangements.


Groom Aditya Bisht said, “We got engaged in February and were supposed to get married on May 2 in Dehradun. But the lockdown put paid to all the plans. However, the help that API Lonare and his team extended was unimaginable. We will always be grateful to them”

During these trying times, even we’re grateful for news like this! If you know of more such amazing stories, share them with us using the hashtag #HopeSweetHopePune and we’ll tell the world!

Feature image by Amish Thakkar via Unsplash

News source: NDTV

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