Pune-Based Diesel Delivery Start-Up is Providing Fuel to Hospitals

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Pune based door-to-door diesel delivery start-up, Repos Energy, is fuelling hospitals, waste management depots and residential societies.

Maharashtra has become the epicentre of the Coronavirus crisis that has forced the lockdown, bringing life to a standstill, while humans live on basic necessities.

With the number of cases growing in the state, hospitals are facing a challenging time to keep operations running smoothly.

On Tuesday night, the slight rainfall caused power breakdowns in many hospitals that required diesel generators for back-up. This door-to-door diesel delivery service came to the rescue.


“The daily requirement of the hospitals range anywhere between 500 litres and 2, 000 litres depending on the consumption and requirement. We are reaching out to over a dozen major hospitals in Pune, including the National Information Centre, Sahyadri, Jehangir, Aditya-Birla hospital, among others,” said Aditi Bhosale Walunj, co-founder at Repos Energy.

Repos Energy was founded three years ago, funded by Shri Ratan Tata. The start-up has been catering to clients for the past two years, but demand has scaled up 15% since the lockdown.

Aditi said that hospitals always need back-up for crucial systems like ventilators and smooth operations of intensive care units (ICU).

“There are two Repos Petrol Pumps (RPPs) and four staffers which are making trips to over 22 major and small hospitals serving as a lifeline in times of lockdown,” she says.

“We are ensuring compliance with all the WHO norms and our staff is wearing protective gear, using sanitisers while working with as little physical contact as possible”, Chetan Walunj, co-founder of Repos said.

“There is enough supply to be provided for the next 20 days of the lockdown period for now. There are also housing societies and solid waste management plants that we are providing fuel to for efficient waste management,” he added.

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