Pune Artists give Bohri Ali an Amazing Transformation!

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Pune is art, period. From the people to the streets, the flavours, culture, architecture, it’s a blend of finesse and raw imperfection which makes our city look and feel like a piece of artwork. Especially the old parts of Pune. The Peth areas feel like someone froze them in time, nothing has changed much, and the vibe and feel of these places are still intact since decades.

For those who have been to Bohri Ali in recent years, you must have been captivated by the charm of that place. Utterly old-school, the shops and people still feel like a part of Pune which didn’t move with time. One of Pune’s oldest market areas will never change, will it? Regardless, it got a rather colourful and impressive makeover recently. Offering another opportunity for foreigners and tourists alike to check out the place, the colourful revamp is all thanks to a few young and mega talented artists!


Annushka Hardikar and Alefiya Kachwalla are two young artists who are responsible for this amazing makeover. ‘A Fresh Coat’ is the name of this project; with the help of paint, brushes, and groundbreaking ideas, the shutters of the shops in Bohri Ali now tell a tale of its owners.



The artwork for the shutters was brainstormed through these important factors– the story and context the shopkeepers provided them and each artist’s individual style. Individual artists chose shops which match their taste; hardware shops, book shops, clothing shops, they all tell stories of the families that own them.


This makeover has the shopkeepers beyond excited; the shutters look absolutely outstanding and make the age-old locality a must-visit for locals as well as tourists. In its own way, Bohri Ali has yet again become relevant in the cultural scene of Pune, and the media is finally paying attention.

A collage of gorgeous shutters

Strong rumours suggest that a few noteworthy markets in the city will get a similar makeover, and we couldn’t be more excited about that. Imagine the camp or Mandai area with artwork like this? How amazing would that be?!

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Images by A Fresh Coat, Panchsheel Gaikwad and Aabha Chaubal

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