Pune and Hyderabad Ranked as Best Cities to Live in India

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It’s happened yet again! Pune has once again been named as one of the best cities to live in India, alongside Hyderabad. The cities were listed in The Mercer’s Quality of Living (India) – 2019. Both cities are now on the 143rd spot worldwide!

What got both cities so high on the list are the investments in the public and economic infrastructures, the sheer number of local and international talents within the cities, medical supplies’ availabilities and the variety of consumables.

In the year 2018, both cities were ranked at 142 globally. Austrian capital Vienna has been ranked the number one city to live in for the tenth time in a row this year!

Image by @om__somvanshi


The report comprises 231 cities of the world, seven of them being from India. Chennai was named as the safest city in the country, listed 105 globally. On the safety front, Pune stood at 112 globally.

New Delhi was ranked at number 3, standing at number 162 globally. The city also received the lowest rating on its air quality. Mumbai saw several civil unrests and transportation issues, standing at number four in the Indian list.

The entire list of the seven Indian cities ranked from top to bottom are Pune and Hyderabad (1), Bengaluru (2), New Delhi and Chennai (3), Mumbai (4) and Kolkata (5).

Feature Image by @black.bored via Instagram

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