Pune Airport: Two People Held for Carrying Rs. 1.2 Crore Hidden Under Hot Upma

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Some Punekars are a whole new level of amaze. Only today, we say it with a hint (nah, truckloads) of sarcasm! Well, it isn’t every day that a Punekar attempts to smuggle 1.29 Cr. hidden in… yep, Upma!

This is the tale of two passengers, both travelling separately from Lohegaon Airport on Monday, and both Dubai bound. Both were carrying hot cases of Upma in their bag. But something didn’t add up; for example, when did Upma become so darn heavy?

When an immigration officer found the documents of said passenger to be suspicious, he alerted the custom authorities to go through the man’s check-in luggage. The innocent, heavy, casserole of upma was opened, only to reveal a rather thin layer of food. Under the food was concealed a black polythene of money. The case contained a total of USD 86,600 and 15,000 euros!

The immigration alerted the custom officials about another doubtful passenger on the same flight. Lo-and-behold, passenger number two also carried upma (ah, same food, SO not suspicious) in their bag when apprehended! This case held another USD 86,200 and 15,000 Euros in it!


Officials suspect that both passengers were working for a syndicate involved in smuggling foreign currencies. The duo was arrested and taken before a magistrate. An investigation has begun trying to find other members of the syndicate.

Not a good day for upma, am I right?

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