Pune: After 25 Years, Two-Wheelers Now Allowed on Lakdi Pul

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Pune peeps, be honest, how often have you gotten onto Lakdi Pul on your bike, hoping to not get caught by the cops and asked to re-route and/or pay a fine? Well, after 25 years of two-wheelers not allowed on the bridge, the ban has now been lifted!

A provisional order of 15 days was issued by traffic DCP, Mr, Pankaj Deshmukh and the order invites objections and suggestions from citizens.

He said, “If we do not get any by October 21, we will make the order permanent”



The bridge, which was built in the year 1761 (did you know that?!), did not witness any (legal) two-wheelers on it since 1994 from 7 am to 9 pm.

Quite often though, especially due to the Pune Metro work along Karve Road, cops used to allow bikes to get onto the bridge to avoid congestion.

DCP Deshmukh also said, “The bridge was opened to two-wheelers a few days back and we do not think this will create any problems. The ban was causing unnecessary inconvenience to people”

We hear people are still wary to get onto the bridge due to objections in the past, but don’t worry, Lakdi Pul is now open to two-wheelers!

Feature image by Mohsin Shaikh via Instagram

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