Pune Adds 25 Electric Buses to its Public Transport Fleet

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Pune is the next city in the country to have joined the others in going the modern Electric Bus route. The much-needed 25 electric buses have been added to the city’s public transport fleet. These buses will run across seven major routes, covering over 225 km on full charge.

These electric buses have experienced strenuous and rigorous test runs. The tests also included adding 3-3.5 tons of sand bags acting as passengers. The buses are of nine metres in length and equipped with a seating capacity of 45. The fares for these new electric buses will remain the same as our regular bus charges.

Image by Hindustan Times

The PMPML plans to launch more electric buses in the upcoming future. 125 Electric buses of 12 metres of length each will be launched in June 2019. Another 330 will be launched in October 2019.


It is reported that these new buses are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities like charging points in case of emergencies, even though the buses will be charged all night. It’s reported that 4 hours of charging time is adequate for an operation of two round trips of 225 kms each throughout the day. 10 of these initial 25 buses will be docked at a depot in Nigdi, while 15 will be docked at the Bhekarinagar depot.

Feature image by Ravindra Joshi via Hindustan Times

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