Pune: A Summary of PM Modi’s Address to the Nation on Covid-19

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Punekars, just in case you didn’t watch PM Shri Narendra Modi’s address to the nation regarding COVID-19 last night, here are all the points he covered!

  • Please acknowledge COVID-19 as a global crisis and don’t behave as if everything is normal, because it’s really not. The situation must be taken very seriously. Practice patience and discipline
  • There is no government-imposed lockdown, because millions of people depend on daily wages in the country
  • If you can isolate yourselves, please do so, especially if you’re a senior citizen. Be very serious about practicing social distancing
  • A COVID-19 Response Task Force will be in place under the Finance Minister to ensure the reduction of this crisis’s impact on the economy
  • The PM urges us to not horde items and buy essentials just the way we did before this crisis ensued. Please do not panic-buy things
  • He advised citizens to not go to hospitals unnecessarily, i.e for regular check-ups or surgeries that one can afford to postpone. This is in order to not overcrowd hospitals and doctors, nurses and other health workers
  • There will be a self-imposed ‘Janta Curfew’ on Sunday, March 22, from 7 am to 9 pm
  • On the same day, at 5 pm, he has asked all citizens to come out to our balcony or window to pay tribute to and show our deep appreciation towards all frontline workers and essential service providers

For the sake of your health and that of everyone around you, we sincerely hope you practice self-isolation! Stay safe, you guys!

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