Pune, 11 East Street Cafe just got Revamped and it’s Mind-Blowing!

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Of the varied and versatile culinary names in Pune, 11 East Street Café, a now familiar and legendary name, is fast gaining even more of some much-deserved popularity with its all-new revamped look and London vibe. An 11-year-old legacy, 11 East Street Café has received tremendous love and popularity for several reasons, their food and décor being on top of the list.

Most likely the very first themed restaurant in Pune, its service, attention to detail and food quality hasn’t changed since its inception in 2008; why, so many of the same people have been serving the crowd for over a decade now! Speaking of the servers, I must say there’s a warmth to their service, which is something we don’t see very often today. Even the owners still mingle with and attend to the guests!


The Red Bus restaurant recently underwent a glossy and hip makeover, now sporting a more modern London look, with a new food and bar menu, which is fresh yet comforting and in tune with today.


The huge double-decker bus at the entrance, which most of us are quite familiar with, will soon be converted into a charming and intimate airconditioned seating spot.


11 East Street Café was the first restaurant in the city to start live music, the live nights fondly named East Street Blues. You can witness some really fabulous live music every Tuesday and Sunday. Their House Party Fridays have a DJ dishing out the catchiest of tunes, making it the perfect way to unwind with the squad after a hectic week. Sports’ screenings are a regular affair here as well.

Incidentally, duo piece Faizan & Hanokh will perform on the upcoming February 24, and Zane Rodriguez will perform on February 26; you should definitely head over and check them out!

Thecha Prawn Fry

As for the grub, 11 East Street is a personal favorite of mine. Why? To start with, they serve some of the best Chinese food I’ve ever tasted in Pune. The fact that, unlike so many restaurants today, their food orders are still thoughtfully curated is a huge point for them.

It’s hard to pick favourite dishes, but if I had to – the Stroganoff, Butter Chicken Fondue, Bombay Sapphire Chicken Pakodas, Old Monk Kebabs, Bacardi Chicken (their bestseller) and the Thecha Prawn Fry would top the list.


Their 18-inch Pizzas are one of the largest and the most pocket-friendly Pizzas in the city. Incidentally, 11 East Street Café happens to be the only restaurant in Pune to pair large-sized Pizzas with alcohol!

Now for the secret recipe of a successful bar – the cocktails! 11 East Street Café has some of the most unique and delicious cocktails. Their Southhall cocktail menu is designed to impress those who like cocktails with Indian ingredients- Taste the Thunder, Aamsutra, Monty Ki Sikanji are a must try.


However, if you want something more classic, then go for their Bloody Mary and Sangrias, both of which are one of the best in Pune. The Chicago Iced Tea is pretty rad too. Watch out for their soon-to-be-launched Rum Lemonade- it’s going to be a bomb one!

Here are some really cool offers on booze:

  • ‘Boozy Hours’ which is their take on happy hours, where you can sip on drinks at a discounted price from 3-8 pm.
  • Limitless Pizzas and Sangrias at INR 693.
  • They also have lucrative offers on beer buckets and beer bottles!

No dining affair is complete without some delicious desserts, and 11 East Street Café knows this very well. ‘At 48’, their in-house dessert brand serves some of the most delicious and eye-pleasing desserts.


All in all, the legendary and now revamped 11 East Street Café has a younger and fabulous Brit-inspired soul in our Punyanagri. From date nights to group drinking sessions to family dinners, there’s something for all Punekars. And, it’s pet-friendly- bet a lot of you didn’t know that!

Don’t forget to tell us what you liked the most about this place and definitely tag us in your pictures! Stay updated with 11 East Street Cafe on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and let them know when you’re there!

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