Psst… We Think Jon Snow Might Just Be a Punekar

Game of Thrones

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Y’all! How’s GoT Season 7 treating you? Is the seat’s edge comfy enough? Although there are millions of GoT articles and theories floating around the Internet, I bet you haven’t read one like this. Well, yet.

The King of the North is no stranger to us. In fact, he almost feels like a good friend by now (How ya doing, Snow?)

In fact, such a good friend that I think he might just be a fellow Punekar; the King Crow is one of us.

And, while the White Wolf is out tryna convince Dany about the existence of the Army of the Dead (good luck with that), here’s reasons why…


Friendship Trumps All

Jon भाऊ is a true friend. Just like us, भाऊ takes his friendships very, very seriously. “A Man without Friends is a Man without Power.” Right on, भाऊ, right on.

He’s Extremely Progressive

In Westerosi terms, he recognised the humanity of the Wildlings and the benefit from letting them be a part of society. Punekars have always been way more progressive than most other Metros and Tier 2 cities in our country. We have a knack for absorbing the new while holding on to the old, just like Snow here.

“They were born on the wrong side of the wall but that doesn’t make them monsters.”

Fam Jam is Everything

Family is very important to him just like family is the most important thing to us. His protectiveness towards his family and sisters knows no bounds. We’d do anything for ours too.

“Some People are fortunate enough to be born into the right family. Others have to find their own way.”

He’s a Romantic

Ygritte (RIP) was his one and only true love. Not caring about the fact that she was a Wildling. Punekars love hard, just like Jon.

“We don’t get to choose whom we love.” – Jon भाऊ

A Man of God

Jon keeps faith in the old Gods just like we keep faith in Bappa. The way we celebrate the Gods is unmatched.

“Perhaps the Gods need a sword of their own” – Jon भाऊ

He’s Just as Brave As Us

A Punekar will never back away from a fight. Nor does भाऊ.

“Can a man be brave if he’s afraid? That’s the only time he can be afraid”

The watch has ended, it’s time to get some Ale! *chants one of us one of us one of us*

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