“Praise me, ridicule me. I really don’t care.” – Shobhaa De

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PILF, Day 2: One of the most awaited sessions of the day was that of Shobhaa De’s. Being a prolific writer herself, she was all praises for PILF and Manjiri Prabhu for managing an event of this magnitude. However, when I got a chance to interview her, I have to admit,  I was a little nervous and intimidated by her engrained image in my head, that was constituted by the media and twitterati. But, to my surprise, she was warm and kind and she actually stopped for me to answer with a beautiful smile. Here is a glimpse of the conversation…

What do you love about Pune?

What’s to not love about Pune! The people, food and the weather, all are amazing.

How important is the written word for you? 


Very much so! When I was a kid, my parents, especially my father, imbibed the habit of reading in all us siblings. I remember reading Russian authors too and because of that I went on to write for my life.

If you weren’t a writer, what profession would you have chosen?

Honestly, I still have an unfulfilled dream of learning architecture. I am fascinated by structures and I would love to be an architect.

What are your other aspirations? 

I would love to learn Tango with my husband and perform at a square in Argentina.

Which is your favourite self-written book?

That is a difficult question. But, I have to say, it has to be my first book, ‘Socialite Evenings’.

You have always been vocal about your opinions and you often land into problems because of that. Thoughts? 

I know, I have strong opinions about people but they have the same about me too. I get brickbats and that is fine. I don’t really care. Neither the praises nor the ridicules affect me.

I was watching an old interview of yours, where you said you are not a confident person. Firstly, it’s difficult to believe that and secondly, has that changed?

(Taps my shoulder and smiles) I am good at faking a few things.

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