Pocket-Friendly Street Shopping in Pune

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Shopping is not just a leisure activity, it’s something most of us take very seriously. Whether we need to buy something specific or just window shop, some good ol’ fashioned retail therapy never hurt anyone. Yes, there are malls and there is online shopping; but the feeling of your friendly street vendor offering tempting bargains can’t be passed up. Let’s get our frugal on!

Hong Kong Lane


The name should give you a hint, this is a small lane which starts on J.M. Road and ends on F.C road. Little shops full of goodies from the Asian Continent. You can get jewelry, phone covers, shoes, tattoos, purses, perfumes, and other items here. The lane is really narrow so it’s safe to say the concept of personal space doesn’t really exist. The crowd is young and vibrant, and it’s hard to walk out of here without buying something.


Fashion Street


Located off M.G. Road in Camp, with over 400 shops, this is a fashion lover’s paradise. T-shirts, jeans, tank tops, hats and a lot more is available here. They also have bootleg movies, mp3 CDs and sometimes pirated software. Be ready to bargain as the shopkeepers here expect and inflate the prices accordingly. Once you start walking away after naming your price, the shop keepers holler a fair price at you.

Juna Bazaar


“One person’s trash is another person’s treasure”, this quote is apt to describe this street market. One of the oldest in our city, where else can you buy gym equipment, car parts and construction equipment in one spot? It’s located on Vir Santaji Ghorpade Road in Kasba peth and is operational only on Wednesdays and Sundays. If you like used furniture antiques and old coins, try this old gem. Some advice, take a hat and sunscreen to protect yourself.

Fergusson College Road

Known by the locals as FC Road, this is Pune’s version of Colaba Causeway or Linking Road. A good evening can be spent here buying books, clothes and imitation jewelry. Besides being a college student’s regular haunt, this road has a lot to offer the bargain hunter in you. If you get hungry from all that shopping (as I would be), there are numerous eateries all over this road to please any tummy scratchings you might have. Weekends tend to get over crowded so keep that in mind.

Want to perfect your haggling skills? Then lace up your walking shoes and head on over to these pocket-friendly shopping havens in our city. Bargain like a true Punekar would and most importantly, have fun doing it. You never know what happy treasures you might discover!

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