PMC Announces Tenders Worth Rs. 50 Lakh to Paint Pune’s Walls

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The Pune Municipal Corporation recently announced that it has invited five tenders worth Rs. 50 Lakh to paint public walls in the city. In this case, painting them will really mean wonderful, artsy graffiti.

This initiative comes under the Swachh Survekshan project and walls covering about 1500 sq. ft. will be beautified.

For the very first time, PMC plans to use washable paint so that the walls can be regularly washed (because, well, Paan stains).

The tenders were invited on December 18 and responses are expected in about a week. Swachh Survekshan should take place sometime during the end of January 2020; a central government team will survey the city for its cleanliness and so, PMC wants to paint the walls before that.


In 2019, Pune’s cleanliness ranking dipped from 10 to 14 (in cities with a population of over 10 Lakh) and to 37 (in cities with a population of over 1 Lakh).

Feature image by Pune Biennale

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