PIFF Bazaar – #ThePunekarAtPIFF

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Speakers – Ravi Jadhav, Mahesh Manjarekar, Chandrakant Kulkarni, Sanjay Patil

Conducted by – Shrirang Godbole and Dr. Jabbar Patel

Mahesh Manjarekar


  • While making a film ‘Natsamrat’ from the original drama, the title just captivated me thus I decided to stick with the same.
  • The drama was so much appreciated by the audience that converting it into a film was a very tough job for me.
  • The protagonist was showcased as a ‘godly’ character in the drama however I had to screen it in a gray shade as it was impacting the film very well.
  • It’s very incorrect to say that good literature is not written these days so a film maker has to adapt dramas into a movie. I believe a film maker has to go beyond dramas, stage and look for subject which can be screened to make a movie.

Chandrakant Kulkarni

  • Every avenue or medium has its own pros and cons. One must understand those before changing a medium of any story.
  • Every medium has its limitations however literature is boundless.
  • Every script cannot be converted into a movie, as it has a distinctive structure.
  • Audiences are equally responsible for substandard creations.
  • Audience does not appreciate high-quality creations so they have to gratify themselves with daily soaps.

Sanjay Patil

  • A director finds a script while reading a novel; he doesn’t have to search for it.
  • The original writer must give the rights to make changes in his novel which will not only help a director to make a better film out of it but will also encourage him.

Ravi Jadhav

  • Movie ‘Balak-Palak’ was need of an hour.
  • The story moved my soul. So I had to make a movie out it.
  • A different class of readers must be created who understand superior content.

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