The Tree of Hope: Belgian Designer’s Gift to India @ Phoenix Marketcity Pune

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We are living in times of uncertainty; most of us are going through various forms of anxiety, fear and sadness in these times.

Since Phoenix Marketcity Pune reopened, it has embraced Punekars with top-notch safety measures for us to have a pleasurable and fearless shopping experience. 

If you guys have visited the mall, you’ve definitely come across their new decor, the Tree of Hope.


The Tree of Hope is designed by Tomas De Bruyne, well known for his large-scale installations for the Ambani wedding, the Swarovski family and the Olympic Games in Beijing, amongst so many others.

The mall wanted to build a collective sense of positivity amongst its visitors, with the aim to live cheerfully in the new normal. After all, hope is all we have and hope will win. So, let’s hope!

The decor is a unique combination of love for nature, experiences, and the desire to achieve greatness.

A one of its kind approach allows the designer to beautifully blend in any design, both in the personality of the client and his own signature style.

He says, “I wanted to create something meaningful for today’s time. The Tree of Hope is so much more than a gift from the heart for incredible India. It is my way of inviting you to reach the positivity and brightness inside you and light up your life through them”

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